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This course will introduce the student to the air brake system of a tractor and trailer combination. It will also, by theory and practical exercises, allow the student to become familiar with the Air Brake Systems. This course is a required for anyone driving a vehicle with an air brake systems. Written and practical exams are given at the end of the course.

環球駕駛學院具有安省安全協會(Ontario Safety League)認證的汽刹課程授課資格。



※This program does not require approval under the Private Careers College Act, 2005.

Course Fee: $450

課程費用:CAD$450 含稅



Included in the course fees:

  • OSL Air Brake Endorsement Manual

  • Minimum 12 hours of in-class instruction

  • Two attempts of  Written Test

  • Two attempts at Practical Test

  • Receipt of Air Brake Endorsement Certificate once both Written and Practical Test results are successful




  • OSL汽刹課程手冊

  • 12小時理論課

  • 兩次筆試機會

  • 兩次實踐考試機會

  • 汽刹認證證書

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