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As an MTO-Approved BED Course Provider, we can teach you the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible driver. You may also be eligible to take your G2 road test sooner and save money on your auto insurance premiums.

我們的全科證書課程,是安大略省交通部MTO ( Ministry of Transportation Ontario) 專為準備在安省領取執照的人士準備的駕駛培訓課程。全科課程的宗旨是培養安全和有責任感的司機。按照要求,除講述基本的駕駛技巧外,整個課程注重於系統講述駕駛的安全、責任、技巧。 當您通過本課程后,您可更早地參加路試,且在將來獲得更優惠的汽車保險。

You should complete all of 20 hours of online lectures, 10 hours of assignments, and 10 hours of in-vehicle training. The minimum passing marks for online lectures and in-vehicle training are 70% and 80% respectively.


When you successfully complete an MTO-Approved BDE Course, we will certify you online. Your student driver record will be updated through the Ministry of Transportation to show that you have completed the course.



To get proof that you've completed the course, you need to get your Driver's Licence History. You can request it at any Service Ontario Office or by mail. A Driver's Licence History can only be requested by the license holder.

要獲得您已完成課程的證明,您需要獲取駕駛執照歷史記錄(Driver's Licence History)。您可以在任何安大略省服務局(Service Ontario)辦公室或郵寄申請。駕駛執照歷史記錄只能由執照持有者申請。

Beginner Driver Education Course: $680 plus HST



  • 20  hours In-class lectures

  • 10 hours In-car training

  • 10 hours of  links

  • Certificate Fee Included

  • Workbook Fee Included

Important: Students must complete 20 hours in-class lectures, 10 hours in-car training and homework within 1 year from the registration date. Otherwise, the course will expire. 

Online BDE theory course is available now, you can access it any time you want without going to the physical class, this will ensure your learning plan would not be interrupted by the current Covid situation.

The BDE course is approved by the Ministry of Transportation, BDE certificate holders will be benefited from having a considerate discount on their car insurance.

全科證書課程: $680 加稅


  • 20小時理論課

  • 10小時練車

  • 10小時家庭作業

  • 書簿費

  • MTO交通部證書申請費



全科證書獲交通部(Ministry of Transportation)認可,能為今後購買車保險提供大幅度的折扣。

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