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Restricted Class A Licence (AR)

The Restricted Class A (condition R) licence is meant for drivers operating smaller truck-trailer combinations, such as a recreational, horse or utility trailer.

You can also drive:

  • a car or light truck covered by a Class G licence

  • heavy trucks covered by the Class D truck licence

With a restricted Class A licence, you can't:

  • pull a trailer equipped with air brakes

  • drive a full-size tractor-trailer

  • drive a vehicle pulling a double trailer

  • train another driver on a vehicle that requires full Class A privileges to drive



  • G牌能駕駛的小車,小型貨車

  • D牌能駕駛的貨車



  • 氣剎類拖車

  • 大貨車

  • 只有持A牌才能駕駛的車類


Kingsway is now able to provide professional training under $2000.



※This program does not require approval under the Private Careers College Act, 2005.




Training Program Fee: $1500 (Unlimited Training, Passing Guarantee, Vehicle not provided)

培訓課程費用:$1500 (包过, 学校不提供车)



Included in the program fee:

  • Medical Check Form;

  • Written test practice material; 

  • Unlimited training, passing guarantee;




  • 身體檢查表格;

  • 筆試複習材料;

  • 包过,学校不提供训练车辆;



Students will learn:

  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection;

  • Basic operation of the vehicle;

  • Safe operation practices;

  • Operation under adverse condition;

  • Vehicle maintenance and serving;

  • Regulations and documentation.




  • 出車前後的安全檢查;

  • 車輛的基本操作;

  • 安全行駛的實踐;

  • 惡劣條件下的行駛和操作;

  • 車輛維護與保養;

  • 相關的法規與文件。



Admission Requirements:
Applicants must be 18 years of age and must

  • be at least 18 years old

  • hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2

  • pass a vision test

  • submit a valid medical report

  • pass a knowledge test about operating large trucks and tractor-trailers





  • 擁有有效的安大略省G牌駕照或以上;

  • 通過視力測試;

  • 交通部的體檢報告;

  • 通過道路與交通標誌規範的理論考試(筆試)。



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